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Employers are increasing use of profiling and testing in their recruitment process. Liverpool in Work offers a free service which provides assessment materials such as:

Ability Testing - recognised as the single best method of predicting job success, ability tests measure current ability and future potential for different work skills.

Personality Assessment - questionnaires that provide valuable information about a person's behavioural style at work and critical for where people interactions are key.

Performance Assessment & Management - helping to differentiate between adequate and  exceptional performance and ensuring that potential can be spotted and planned for.

360 Degree Tools - provide feedback on an individual's performance from a variety of perspectives, giving insight as to how job performance can be improved.

Simulation Exercises - reproduce real life workplace scenarios enabling demonstrable competencies required for successful job performance to be assessed.

Interest Inventories - aid career decision-making and assist individuals seeking career direction.

Competency Assessment - the key to understanding what is needed for a job role. 

Many of the assessment tools are specifically tailored to different job levels - from directors and senior management to semi-skilled workers. if you would like assistance with the tests please contact us for advice and support.